Canadian tourist visa

Everything about the Canadian tourist visa

A Canadian visitor visa allows tourists to visit and temporarily stay in Canada. Although you can get a multiple entry visa valid for up to 10 years, you can stay in Canada for only 6 months in each visit.

There are two types of Canadian tourist visa:

  • One time entry visitor visa
  • Multiple entry visitor visa

These two visas are valid for a certain period of stay and after that, they will be invalid.

What is a one-time tourist visa?

A one-time visa allows the holder holders to enter Canada only once. After leaving Canada, to re-enter, the visa holder has to apply for a new visa.

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What is a multiple-entry tourist visa?

A multiple-entry visa, also known as a Multi-Canada Visa, allows the visa holder to travel to Canada for a period of six months and the visa does not need to be renewed till this period expires. A multiple-entry visa is valid for up to 10 years or a month before the expiration of the passport. Of course, what usually happens is the latter.

Canadian Tourist Super Visa:

The Canadian Super Visa is another kind of tourist visa which is used for parents. The Canadian Super Visa is for people who have become permanent residents of Canada, so they can send invitation letters to their parents and grandparents. This invitation is valid for the people over 18 years old.

To obtain a Canadian tourist visa, you need to provide proof of the following :

  • A Valid passport
  • Enjoying perfect health
  • Possessing the financial resources to be able to pay for living in Canada
  • Having a place of residence out of Canada to ensure that the person will return to his home country.
  • Intending to stay in Canada temporarily
  • Intending to leave Canada at the end of the certain period of residence
  • No intention to pursue a profession or occupation during the period of residence
  • No security threat
  • Accepting the laws of the country


Canadian tourist visa

Canada Tourist Visa Registration Guide:

Fill in the visa application form

How to register for a Canadian tourist visa online:

In order to register online you need a credit card, scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents. The other requirement is having access to an online payment card such as a MasterCard to pay $ 100 online. The fees should be paid through bank transfer or a verified check.

Uploading tourist visa documents:

Visit one of Canadian local visa application centers and take your passport, photos, completed application forms, payment instructions and all the needed documents.


After handing the required documents over, you need to pass the Canadian Biometric Test, that includes fingerprinting and photo recording. This part is very simple and can be done in about half an hour.


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