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How much is the minimum income in Canada?

The issue of job and income in Canada is one the major issue you may face when you immigrate, so if you are planning to immigrate and live in Canada, you should think about the source of income for your living. In this article we are going to explain the average and the minimum income to you.

The minimum wage and income based on the employment law in Canada, varies based on form and time of the job. The minimum wage for part-time and full-time jobs will also vary. Wages also vary in different provinces and states in Canada, and the higher you move from region to region on the map of Canada and the closer you get to strategic areas, the wages increment will also be higher.

Minimum income in Canada by state in 2017

Although depending on what job and profession you choose in Canada, according to statistics, the average income has increased by about 24% since 2007. We will discuss the average salary in Canada in 2017 by state below.

  • The minimum wage in Alberta has been  $ 13.6 per hour.
  • The minimum wage in British Columbia has been $ 12.65 per hour.
  • Manitoba had a minimum wage of $ 11.15 per hour.


 income in Canada

Income status in Canada in 2019 in some Canadian states:

  • Alberta, the minimum wage is $ 15 per hour.
  • Northwest Territories, minimum wage is $ 13.46 per hour
  • Ontario, minimum wage is $ 14 per hour.
  • Nunavut, the minimum wage is $ 13 per hour.
  • Quebec, the minimum wage is $ 12 per hour.
  • British Columbia, minimum wage is $ 12.56 per hour.
  • Yukon, minimum wage is $ 12.71 per hour.
  • Prince Edward Island, the minimum wage is $ 12.25 per hour

Of course, do not forget that these items are the minimum average under Canadian Employment Act, but may often increase depending on the agreement of employers or unions, but this amount is defined and approved as the lowest income in Canada and wages.


The Impact of Race and Gender on Canadian Labor Law

It is worth noting that in Canada there is no difference in the wages of men and women and black and white races, and the only criterion for work and wages is the value of work and skills and expertise and ability.

The only discrimination about the male and female workforce is that, women in Canadian jobs make up a smaller share of the workforce.

 income in Canada

Income situation in Canada in general

To determine the income situation in Canada in general, it should be said that about 1.25 million people receive the minimum wage and about 8% of the 15.3 million employees in this country are considered government employees and young people aged 15 to 24 form 60 percent of people who receive the minimum wage. Compared to 22% of men, women are employed in various low-paying jobs. According to available statistics, one-third of women in Canada are paid less than $ 15 per hour.


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