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If my PR card expires while I am outside Canada, what should I do?

First and foremost, you need to understand that having your permanent residency (PR) card expired does not mean that you lost your status as a permanent resident of Canada.

However, to enter Canada you need to have a valid PR card and this is the complicated part because you can only renew your PRcard from inside Canada.

You cannot apply for your PRcard renewal from outside Canada. If you do, IRCC will not send out your PR card,

while you are outside the country.

If you are outside Canada and your PRTD expires, your only option is to apply for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD) and return to Canada.

A PRTD will usually be valid for a period of six months, giving you enough time to make an entry.

Please keep in mind that a PRTD will only be issued once to eligible applicants!

Receiving a PRTD is not guaranteed, even if you were eligible to renew your PR card.

The final decision on your PRTD application will be made by an immigration officer.

Therefore, extensive documentation needs to be submitted to satisfy the immigration officer that you are eligible.

Steps after receiving your PR card

you should make an entry to Canada at your earliest convenience and apply for your PRcard renewal immediately.

If you have not completed your residency obligation and have been physically present in Canada for less than 730 days during the past five years, you will be faced with some complexities and you might be eligible to apply for renewal on humanitarian and compassionate grounds if your situation would be eligible.

You don’t have to lose your permanent residency status just because your PR card expired.

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