New Permanent Residency Pathway to be introduced

The federal government has set a goal of creating a new pathway for temporary residents to become permanent residents.

As per Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister of Canada, his government is on a deadline to create a pathway for temporary residents to be eligible for becoming permanent residents through a pathway similar to the “TR to PR” program that was introduced last year and was active for eight months. This program will help speed up the process of granting permanent residency to temporary residents.

The previous TR to PR program gave 90,000 work permit holders and international students the chance to obtain their permanent residency in a very shorter period of time than usual.

Sean Fraser said the new program will not be the exact same as the previous one. He mentioned that he is on a very tight 120-day timeline that was motioned by the House of Commons last month to create this pathway.

Some may have concerns about processing backlogs or too many immigration programs that already exist. However, Fraser ensured that his government is already ahead of schedule for processing the federal government’s goal of accepting 432,000 newcomers this year alone.

All in all, Fraser has mentioned that their goal is to plan a policy “that’s not driven by a need to respond urgently in the face of an emergency, but actually to have a permanent pathway that provides a clear path for those seeking permanent residency who can enter Canada.”
Further information about the new pathway is expected to be received by Fall 2022. Make sure to check our website regularly for any Canadian immigration updates.


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