Canadian student visa

Obtaining a Canadian student visa from a to z

What are the requirements for a Canadian student visa ?Get an admission from one of the centers with a valid educational code in Canada.

Prove that you can afford to pay for one year of tuition and living.

Proof of police clearance

Physical health

You must prove to the officer that you will leave Canada after completing your studies.

Here are some ways to get an online Canadian visa:

  • A valid admission from a Canadian approved center.
  • Apply for temporary residence in Quebec and receive a CAQ
  • Create an online account and receive the forms and required package of documents.
  • Upload all completed documents and forms in the Immigration Office website within a period of often 60 days.
  • Fingerprint.
  • If the Immigration Office asked you for a lot of documents, upload them to your account.
  • If you received a Pass Request, send your passport for the visa label to the Canadian Embassy and pick up the visa.
  • Receive the POE letter and get ready to travel to Canada and complete the university registration process.

Documents required to obtain a Canadian student visa

Before collecting your documents, you should know how the Canadian Immigration Service accepts a profile or rejects it. This information will help the Canadian student visa applicant to prepare better documents for the Canadian Embassy to increase the chances of obtaining a Canadian student visa.

Canadian student visa

The documents you will need are listed below:

  • acceptance letter
  • ID Certificates
  • Proof of financial ability
  • Letter of explanations
  • -defense letter
  • You may also need the following documents:
  • Quebec Acceptance Certificate
  • Certificate of custody
  • Other documents

Here are three things topay attention when selecting your Canadian visa:

Providing the correct documents is crucial because any documents you provide will be recorded in the Immigration Service system and will be visible to all Canadian immigration processes.

Avoid presenting any fake documents to obtain a Canadian visa, because even if you succeed, you will always be at risk.

If you have decided to apply for a work visa after expiring your study visa in Canada, apply for permanent residence after completing your studies in Canada. The path of your case should proceed smart and with accurate planning.

It is important to say that this is why these applicants for permanent residency hire a professional immigration lawyer to get their jobs legal.

Canadian student visa

Checklist of documents required for a Canadian student visa:

We will bring the checklist here. Of course, depending on the circumstances of each person, you may need more or less documents.

Canadian Student Admission Letter

Your university must send you a letter of acceptance. Upload the original or electronic copy of this letter in your student visa application.


Conditional Admission and Canadian  Visa

Conditional Admission Letters are letters in which the university or college has set some conditions for entering the course. If the applicant can prove to the Immigration Officer that he is loyal to comply with the conditions, there will be no problem in issuing a visa. If the admission is conditioned to spending a language course, it must be clarified what the applicant’s English language program will be their university.

If accepted on a conditional basis, it means that you have to pass the company’s preparation or prerequisite courses; For example, attend English or French language courses. Try to finish these courses before the beginning of the school year.


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