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Why hire a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant ?

Although having legal representation in immigration cases is not a requirement, it would be beneficial to hire a regulated Canadian immigration consultant to assist you with your immigration file.


Doing it on your own?

You do not want to go through the immigration process alone. Each immigration application requires extensive paperwork, documentation and attention to detail. Legal paperwork is complicated and without the help of an expert, you could easily make mistakes that would lead to your refusal and impact your immigration record.

Lack of legal information is one of the main reasons why applicants experience delays in their files. You should be able to understand clearly what each application requires from you. If you are not familiar with the Canadian immigration process, you could face delays or refusals.

This is a costly and time-sensitive process and you would want to have the assistance of someone who has full knowledge of Canadian immigration laws in this process.

For example, appealing an immigration decision without an experienced immigration consultant would be similar to gambling one of the most important decisions in your life.

Your immigration file has been refused?

If your immigration file has been previously refused, you could still have a chance if you re-apply. There are a number of reasons why your file has been rejected but if you feel like you were eligible you could re-apply with a good strategy.

Our experienced consultants could review your submitted application and ensure you don’t make the same mistakes again when re-applying.

Have you been refused because of criminality?

If you have been found inadmissible to enter or remain in Canada because of criminality, we can help you overcome your inadmissibility. You need an experienced consultant to help you with this matter since it requires expert knowledge.

Read more about overcoming criminal inadmissibility here


Avoid fraudulent immigration experts – unlicensed immigration consultants

Before hiring an immigration professional, make sure that they are registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Only licensed immigration consultants could legally offer you Canadian immigration advice in exchange for a fee. You could check if your immigration consultant is licensed using the Council’s public register.

To avoid immigration fraud always:

  • Ask for your consultant’s RCIC number
  • Keep away from consultants who guarantee you a successful outcome (guaranteeing immigration decisions is illegal)
  • Sign a retainer agreement (licensed consultants are obligated to provide you with a retainer agreement)


While hiring a regulated immigration consultant could be costly, it would save you a lot of time and prevent refusals. We understand that this is a life-changing decision and that’s why we take each case seriously and try our best to achieve success for our clients.

Our team of experienced immigration consultants could walk you through the entire process and ensure that you submit a fully completed application with all the necessary documentation.

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