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At Moshiri Immigration we are dedicated to providing the best advice and support to our clients. We understand the challenges involved in immigrating to Canada and we are here to help you make your dream come true.

Our years of experience allow us to provide clear and practical advice about the most complex immigration cases and deliver services to a high standard – to you, your employees or family members.

Moshiri Immigration has successfully handled complex immigration matters such as residency obligation appeals, refugee and admissibility hearings, detention reviews, humanitarian and compassionate applications.

Meet Kimia Moshiri
Moshiri Immigration
Our team
Gisou Akhavan Immigration Legal Assistant
Gisou has graduated from York University in Political Science and holds a certificate in Law and Social Thought. She is bilingual in Farsi and English. She is very passionate for providing helping our clients achieve their immigration goal.
Mehrnoush Kiani International Student Advisor
Mehrnoush has graduated from University of Toronto with a PhD in Civil Engineering and is an active recruitment member of several universities in Canada. She is highly experienced in higher education. She works closely with our clients to ensure they choose the right program of study and succeed in their education.
Shawn Assadi Senior Business Consultant
Shawn assists our clients with their business needs and connects them to investor groups, business brokers, accountants and business plan writers to prepare their immigration applications. He has a background in business and engineering; holding an MBA.