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If you wish to prepare and submit your immigration application on your own, having an experienced immigration professional review your application before submission would benefit you by ensuring you submit a complete and strong application. 

Submitting an incomplete application to IRCC would result in delays or possible refusal. To avoid your application getting rejected or delayed, we suggest having your file reviewed by an experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant before submission to IRCC. 

For instance, in many immigration programs, such as the spousal sponsorship program or the private refugee sponsorship, IRCC takes at least six months to check the completeness of the application. If the application is missing the required documents or is incomplete, it will be returned to the applicant, and it has to be resubmitted again. Therefore, it is important to ensure you submit a complete application with all the required documents and information. 

Steps of an Immigration File Review:

An immigration file review with Moshiri Immigration Services consists of the following steps:

1) You will provide our firm with all the documents and forms that have been completed as part of your application, which deem to be the complete and ready-to-submit application. This includes all application forms and supporting documents that you wish to submit with your application.

2) Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants will professionally review your application and provide you with a detailed report. This report includes (but not limit to) a list of changes that may be made on the application, as well as a list of recommendations that will make the case stronger and ultimately, reduce the chances of any delays and/or refusal.

3) Eventually, you will review the report, make the necessary changes and confidently submit your immigration application to IRCC, having lowered the chances of delays or rejection by getting an expert review on the application. 


** Please note that all Immigration Application Reviews are limited to only reviewing the application that the applicant has prepared on their own. By reviewing your application, we are not representing you before IRCC. Therefore, we will not be able to provide you with a case strategy or any in depth legal analysis of your situation as part of this service. 

*Application Review is by no means a full representation of the client, and we will not prepare nor submit the application on client’s behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Immigration File Review FAQ

How long does it take for me to receive the detailed report of my file?

Our detailed application reviews usually take 7 business days to be completed. However, if you are close to your deadline and must submit your application urgently, you can request an expedited review which would have extra fees. 

When does the review of my file start?

We will start reviewing your application once we receive the full application package. You may email us your complete application package. However, if you are submitting your application by paper, you may drop off the full application package at our office to be reviewed.

How can I start?

To start an immigration file review with our office, you may simply give us a call at +1 (289) 317-2199 or email us at 

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How Can We Help

Canadian immigration laws can be complex and challenging. At Moshiri Immigration, our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) specialize in Canadian immigration law. We have successfully handled many temporary resident and permanent resident applications, and we can help you too! 

Our years of experience allow us to provide practical and straightforward advice, ensuring you get the results you want. From the moment you become a client at Moshiri Immigration, we guarantee that your case will be handled with the utmost professionalism and personal attention.

We offer free case evaluations to understand your case and ensure you know your available options. This would allow you to make an informed decision before applying for any type of visa or immigration program.